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Invasive vs. native: Eurasian collared dove

Today we discuss one of my favorite invasive species, the Eurasian collared dove.

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Sunday is the big day

Sunday, March 1, is the fishing opener for several Columbia Basin waters. They include: Burke, Upper Caliche, Cascade, Crystal, Cup, Dry Falls, Dusty, Lenice, Lenore, Martha, Merry, Nunnally and Quincy lakes.

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Invasive vs. native: Pigeon

Sometimes in the depth of sleep, my mind will wander through the previous day’s activities. More often than not, those activities will cause me a warm feelin...

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Invasive vs. native: house sparrow

Unfortunately, but sometimes fortunately, we have invasive species of all types in our lives. Yes, right here in the Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington.

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Invasive vs. native: Why it is dangerous to release non-native animals

Inspiration for columns arrive at my desk from many different angles. Some, of course, develop in my own mind. Others are suggested by readers, family and fr...

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Final thoughts about backyard education

This week has been a welcome chance to reflect on the backyard, as in everyone’s backyard. We have discussed how anyone’s backyard is a place to teach a yout...

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Backyard and beyond

Many an outdoor education began in the backyard. How to build a fire, how to tie knots, how to properly use a knife, survival skills, how to erect a tent wer...

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Backyards can offer a glimpse into the Great Outdoors

The backyard, every backyard, can be the entrance to the outdoors for everyone. Yesterday we discussed my participation in the Great Backyard Bird Count with...

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In my backyard

This was the weekend of the 2020 Great Backyard Bird Count. It was my duty to conduct at least one count. The rules state the minimum time for a count was 15...

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Final thoughts for a successful bird count

The 2020 Great Backyard Bird Count has started. It will continue for the next three days, plus today.

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Count begins tomorrow

The 2020 Great Backyard Bird Count begins tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 14 and continues through Monday, Feb. 17. The object is to count the birds in a certain area...

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Bird count educational

The Great Backyard Bird Count will take place this weekend, Feb. 14, 15, 16 and 17. This is a world-wide event with the final count used by scientists to get...

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Bird Count next weekend

Watching birds and other wildlife has been instilled into my life by my parents. Next weekend is a special event for all birdwatchers, also simply called bir...

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Final thoughts about the 2020 SHOT Show

The SHOT Show has changed over the years. When we started attending in the early 1990s, the show would change locations every year. One year in New Orleans, ...

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SHOT Show allows new products to shine

One purpose of the SHOT Show is to allow manufactures to show off their new products. This is true when the press and buyers head to the range on the day bef...