Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Sex education legislation

| May 6, 2020 11:59 PM

The Washington legislature has passed a law mandating sex education beginning in elementary school. The Democrats, who are in the majority, approved and passed the legislation, but all Republicans voted against the law. (I don’t believe the Democrats in Grant County would support the law.) This law will further destroy the youth of our communities.

Our youth are repeatedly exposed to pornography. This law will do nothing more than add to the exposure. Pornography is not just images but a failure to recognize the sanctity of sexual relations. Children should be taught the importance of sexual purity, and parents should be in complete control over what and when their children are taught.

Those who deal with the social problems in our society recognize the harm of teenage pregnancy. This law will not solve the problem, but will increase sexual promiscuity, and teenage pregnancy will increase.

Society’s strength depends on solid marriages which result from genuine love, loyalty and sexual restraint before marriage. Ironically, those who prepared the state curriculum seem oblivious to the fact that the quality and pleasure of sexual relations (which seems to be the prevailing interest in society) depends on genuine love and sexual purity. Sexual promiscuity is not love and can only lead to sorrow for all those involved.

An initiative is circulating to change the law to give parents control over the nature and extent of the school’s involvement with their children’s sex education. We should all sign the initiative.

Ken Jorgensen

Moses Lake