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Monday, August 7

It only takes me a few minutes to check the sockeye numbers over Tumwater Dam. It is just five miles from my home in Leavenworth to the dam. I think the fish counters were so tired of seeing me poke my nose through the chain link fence to ask about the current numbers that they now have a sign on the fence. The last time I was able to check the counts it was a 22,645. I had to leave town for a few days of commission meetings, so I ran home, grabbed my boat and launched it at the State Park. I have a friend that made space at his dock for me, so I tied it up there, in hopes that it would be open when I got home. No such luck, but I still have my fingers crossed that it will open soon. I have some three-hook leaders and leaders with some hoochies tied up. I would recommend that you use a 12-inch leader to start with, and you may shorten this up, depending on what the sockeye like this year. Most years I would start fishing at just 20 or 30 feet deep in the morning, and then go deep as the day brightened. Last year we were fishing as deep as 70 feet at first light. You just donít know until you get out there.

Wednesday, August 9

I moved my boat up to Lake Wenatchee last week, in hopes of a sockeye season opener. Well, weíre still waiting. When I left town the count was at 22,643. As of Monday it was at 23,140. I have been told that a season could open if we get 25,000 over Tumwater Dam. Hard to say if we will get there at the rate they are coming up the Wenatchee. Of course since my boat is at Lake Wenatchee the salmon bite has really come on at Brewster. There were over 150 fish turned in for the derby. Thatís pretty hot fishing. I am very eager to get up there. Of course if I run up and move my boat back home to go to Brewster, there will be a big shot of fish up the Wenatchee and sockeye season will open. Thatís my kind of luck. While I am waiting I decided to grab my fly rod and try the Icicle. It is amazing. If you donít get a fish swatting your fly on every cast youíve missed the water! Now is the time for wet wading. If you have a couple of Parachute Adams in your bag you are good to go.

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