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In Memoriam of My Forever Teen Idol: David Cassidy At eight ...

In Memoriam of My Forever Teen Idol: David Cassidy At eight years old, David Cassidy was my first crush, like most young girls during the 1970's. There never has been a singing idol quite like him. He was the whole package. We won't see the likes of his on stage presence again. He was one of a kind. Females the world over, thrilled at the very thought of him, also fainted at the sight of his gorgeous face and beautiful long hair. We women who had never met him or heard him sing in person, felt the same way. Young David Cassidy had a way of grabbing a whole generation of young people and never letting go. His entire career was one of extraordinary talent and sexy charisma. The world seemed to stop and all thoughts were only for him when he took center stage. He was so full of life and had such a sweet soul. He had a way about him that would make people smile even if they were feeling sad and lonely. My life as a child and a teenager was better and richer because of David Cassidy and his beautiful music. We as his fans will never forget him. I still have his music in my home. He will forever be my favorite teen idol and will always be in my heart. In Loving Memory, Ruby Townsend

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