Demo derby kicks off Moses Lake Roundup

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A car showing support for the Seattle Seahawks races around the track during a heat race of the Moses Lake Roundup Demolition Derby Wednesday at the Grant County Fairgrounds.

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MOSES LAKE — When the dust cleared, the tires quit burning and the engines stopped roaring Seth Dompier was the last man standing during the grand finale demolition derby, kicking off the Moses Lake Roundup Wednesday night at the Grant County Fairgrounds.

Michael Koon finished second and Adam Roberson was third after the final melee.

Spencer Vela, who placed fourth at last year’s derby, entered this year’s action with a plan to employ the motor sport equivalent of “stick and move.”

“My strategy is just hit and then run, hit and then run,” he said. “Just try to not get hit, just try to survive.”

Vela likened the experience of racing around the arena in the midst of the destruction to skydiving.

“It’s an adrenaline rush,” he said.

The trophy dash and heat races led the night off, with Kevin Olson winning the lone dash. Tyler Dorsing had a successful night on the track with a win in the final heat race. Also, Dorsing shared first place with Sid White in the third Australian pursuit. Australian pursuit is when passed cars are eliminated until a lone racer is left.

It wasn’t all machismo with three powderpuff races. Moses Lake High School senior Megan Wilson finished third in the third heat.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget,” she said. “My adrenaline just kept going and going.”

Full results:

Trophy dash #1

1. 24 Kevin Olson

2. 171 Tyler Dorsing

3. 96 Brian Olson

Heat race #1

1. 333 Joseph Elizade

2. 144 Shawn Clausen

3. 43 Josh Roberts

Heat race #2

1. 20 Austin Cox

2. 111 Nick Marchand

3. 72 Tyler Marchand

Heat race #3

1. 99 Rylie Miller

2. 135 Anthony Martinez

3. 8 Gage Palmer

Heat race #4

1. 75 Aaron Molina

2. 412 Luke Carter

3. 413 Jay Pierce

Heat race #5

1. 781 Eric Hector

2. 30 Rocky Cobb

3. 326 David Alvarez

Heat race #6

1. 22 Ryan Palmer

2. 15 Brian Melbye

3. 2 Kyle Lewis

Heat race #7

1. 29 Neil Brooks

2. 425 Joey Bradley

3. 117 Wyatt Visker

Heat race #8

1. 169 Kyle Cole

2. 23 Brandon Holland

3. 13X Joey Callahan

Heat race #9

1. 16 Dewayne Smith

2. 18 Steve Roylance

3. 333 Joseph Elizade

Heat race #10

1. 171 Tyler Dorsing

2. 17 Turrell Smith

3. 10 Cole Brumet


1. UTV 1 Stan Cafferty

2. UTV 3 David Hubbard

T3. UTV 5 Brandon Schmit

T3. UTV 7 TJ Sween

Powderpuff #1

1. 29 Danielle Brooks

2. 1 Janine Cobb

3. 13 Robyn McAffee

Powderpuff #2

1. 31 Stacey Cobb

2. 14 Maggie Strom

3. 119 Clarissa Hanson

Powderpuff #3

1. 781 Ashley Hector

2. 134 Angie Smith

3. 415 Megan Wilson

Australian pursuit #1

1. 43 Josh Roberts

Australian pursuit #2

2. 412 Luke Carter

Australian pursuit #3

T1. 83 Sid White

T1. 171 Tyler Dorsing

Australian pursuit #4

T1. 22 Ryan Palmer

T1. 1 Dylan Derr

Australian pursuit #5

1. 84 Cameron Smith

Demolition derby

1. 87 Seth Dompier

2. 117 Michael Koon

3. 340 Adam Roberson

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