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Facebook costs Moses Lake woman her position

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Posted: Thursday, October 18, 2012 9:00 am

MOSES LAKE - A heated Facebook argument over teen pregnancy apparently cost a local woman her spot on the Moses Lake School District's substitute paraeducator roster, currently her only job, after a complaint was made by another Facebook user who saw the page.

Coriann Ulrich said this was her third year working as substitute paraeducator for the district. She was not working when the incident occurred last Thursday, she said.

Ulrich said she found a Facebook page about teen pregnancy titled "I hate teen moms" and left an outspoken post saying that responsible women used the tools available to them and avoided pregnancy. She did use "foul language" (in this case, two swear words) in the original post, she said.

About two hours after the original post, a woman who had not been online earlier posted to the discussion. She identified herself as Jenn Gutterud online and Jennifer Saunders in emails sent to the Herald; in her email she said she was from California. Ulrich said she doesn't know Saunders and has never met her.

Saunders bitterly assailed Ulrich's opinion, saying that Ulrich shouldn't have children and that she should "do us all a favor and throw yourself off a cliff." Following that exchange, Ulrich said, Saunders told Ulrich she had informed Ulrich's employers in Moses Lake of the posts. Later that post was deleted, Ulrich said.

In emails sent to the Herald, Saunders said she hoped the school district did not employ people with the values expressed on the Facebook page. Saunders said Ulrich was the moderator of the page, but Ulrich said she was not, and is not affiliated with it in any way.

Ulrich said she didn't believe Saunders had complained to the school district until she received an email from Patty Laughery, the district's human resources director. "The Moses Lake School District no longer needs your services as a substitute paraeducator. The statements posted on Facebook do not fit our Core Principles. The statements were inappropriate and profanity was used. It's important for our staff members to be good role models for our students and community," Laughery's email said.

District Superintendent Michelle Price said she couldn't talk about any case involving personnel. But that in general "for the school district, substitutes are considered at-will employees." Substitutes are considered independent contractors, Price said, and are not subject to the same employment rules as regular employees.

While they aren't employees, district officials look at the people in the substitute pool as candidates for employment, Price said, and any candidate for employment must fit the district's criteria, expressed in the "core principles."

If for any reason a substitute doesn't fit the core principles, their association with the district can be terminated, Price said. She declined to say which of the core principles was violated, but one requires employees to be respectful while embracing differences.


Note: We have deleted all comments that we judge to contain personal attacks, profanity (including abbreviated or starred words) or private identifying information. Those things will not be tolerated in future comments, and users who persist in posting them will be banned.

For heaven's sake, people, this is a news article, not a schoolyard brawl. If you cannot comment with civility and maturity, take it elsewhere.

– CBH Staff


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  • Comedian Jake Mendez Jr posted at 3:15 pm on Sun, Nov 4, 2012.

    Comedian Jake Mendez Jr Posts: 101

    @Domanost give it some time, it will be archived and forgotten and placed in the things such as Mr. Potato head, cassette walk mans, and connect 4 is placed as popularity.

    -Comedian Jake Mendez Jr.

  • Domanost posted at 12:44 am on Sun, Nov 4, 2012.

    Domanost Posts: 93

    Well well, the teen mom page made it National.

  • Stop the Hate posted at 7:04 am on Sun, Oct 28, 2012.

    Stop the Hate Posts: 10

    Here it is. Now don't go all Donald Trump on us and ask for something more than you already asked for.

    5253 Maintaining Professional Staff/Student Boundaries

    "The Moses Lake School District Board of Directors does not support the use of technology to communicate inappropriate online socializing or engaging in any conduct on social networking Web sites that violates the law, district policies or other generally recognized professional standards. Employees whose conduct violates this policy may face discipline and/or termination, consistent with the district’s policies, acceptable use agreement and collective bargaining agreements, as applicable."

    The line you're looking for is "engaging in any conduct on social networking Web sites that violates. . .other generally recognized professional standards."

  • Comedian Jake Mendez Jr posted at 12:35 am on Sun, Oct 28, 2012.

    Comedian Jake Mendez Jr Posts: 101

    @cleinw I must agree that the school was wrong for firing Ms. Ulrich. I feel the school had no permission, or provided in writing asking for permission with her signature to access Ulrich personal Facebook account, where in the application these days where is says "employer's have the right to access any online media account(s) upon hiring?" If you can find that please let me know and past a photo URL link so all of us can see and prove us all wrong. I would be nice if the super attendant of the Moses Lake School District can prove in the school code of ethics, rules and regulations for all staff members, substitutes, temps, and interns that states MLSD can access with/without permission of any employee(s) personal online media account. I personally would drop the case and move on if MLSD can prove that, otherwise Ulrich still has a case to peruse.

    -Comedian Jake Mendez Jr.

  • cleinw posted at 6:54 pm on Sat, Oct 27, 2012.

    cleinw Posts: 7

    Calling names,degrading people,rudeness... none of that is really necessary. Although it's funny how Ulrich thinks she can say nasty things about teen moms but it is not alright for people to say them about her. I do not agree with any of the names or rude comments and I think people are getting off the main topic. I could care less about your weight,race,religion,marital status,financial status, or anything else regarding your personal life. I also believe you have the right to your own opinion, but when you work in certain work fields you need to be compationate,understanding,and quiet. You are talking about children. I do not like that so many teens are having babies and I do not believe that they realize how much harder life is when you go that path, but I also believe that it is not an educators right to call these children names or judge them. You people spouting off about how the school was wrong for firing her, How would you feel if she was talking about your daughter?

  • Comedian Jake Mendez Jr posted at 7:00 am on Sat, Oct 27, 2012.

    Comedian Jake Mendez Jr Posts: 101

    I just want to say that who ever this Jennifer is as a nurse I think that it's very scary to have anyone in her care to have no heart and act as a little hurt abused child on the inside and to be in the hands of care of people with medial needs. It is not in my hands to pursue a lawsuit but I would agree that it should. I know that most work places do not allow swearing or have any verbal discussion of foul language, that is what online media is for, to express our daily opinions and thoughts even if it contains foul language. I just think Jennifer had no business to even go out to contact Ulrich employer in the first place, because the page "I Hate Teen Moms" had nothing to do with the Moses Lake School District or was even linked to it. I just feel that online media should be a platform to have a right and freedom express one's thought, a freedom to play free legal gambling games, a freedom to create a blog or share a thought. A freedom to shop online for music, books, movies, clothing, electronics, and to stay in contact with friends and family. But I am very sad that it lead a single mother losing her job because she exercised her freedom of speech on a online networking that that was not affiliated towards the MLSD or the fact that she did not use the PC of the MLDS or did this on school grounds. I think MLSD has a no policy to interfere in anyone's person accounts regardless of Facebook, Twitter, or any other personal media out there. Any employee or employers should not even tap into one's account if even already a staff or is in position to be hired. Ulrich, I strongly feel you have a good case here, and I am sure this seems to me a case you would have to do more research and contact any local press or cable network and have your story heard and find that attorney that will help your case. The Herald is just the beginning, I am sure a local radio station would be another outlet to get this out as well. I think that this will be effective on stopping online bullying and violating personal information to one's employment. I am really wishing you all the best that you do, and as for Jennifer I am just so sad by your effort with someone who has a college education and a MD and would do something like this to a single mother. I hope justice prevails.

    -Comedian Jake Mendez Jr.

  • Domanost posted at 1:37 pm on Fri, Oct 26, 2012.

    Domanost Posts: 93

    For those that don't know what Flaming is or what a Flamer is and the more blunt and easily recognizable Troll is. Check out the wiki.

    I must point out go to the bottom and read legal implications.

  • ulrichc88 posted at 8:19 pm on Thu, Oct 25, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    The newspaper printed her name wrong.

  • ulrichc88 posted at 8:17 pm on Thu, Oct 25, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    I was emailed the screen shot! I have not contacted any newspaper over there nor have i contacted her employers or the board. She had it posted on her public page. As well as other inappropriate and unprofessional pictures. She blocked me from her fb page as soon as I told her she got me fired. Also you say i wont take accountability for my mouth. I have openly admitted on here as well as on the heralds fb page that i am sorry for wording my post and the comments on the thread the way i did. Also there was no previous issues they fired me with no warning. They also listed what jenn emailed them. NONE of this would have ever happened if jenn wouldn't have contacted the newspaper as well as the school district. and if you go check out the heralds fb page they posted the transcript/screen shot that jenn emailed to them as well as the district. No where did she include her comments to me. I am done defending myself to you. I know the kind of person I am and my story has stayed constant this entire time. You can say she was a "concerned citizen" all you want! She lives over 1200 miles away from this community. Also you make comments about my weight and try to say rude and derogatory remarks about me to try and belittle me to build your case hoping i will blow up. You are suppose to be a grown educated woman yet you try to feel superior by being rude and childish. I hate to break this to you but jenn has lied to you about the remarks made by me. As far as my education goes well if you read the "ACTUAL" post you would know that i said i wish i would have made better decisions in high school. I might have not graduated but i got my ged at 17 and was in college that following fall quarter. I have not finished college yet. As far as my credentials to be certified to do my job i passed the para pro assessment with a 98%. If i was that uneducated how do you suppose i could do that? I dont have to prove anything to you. I am a good person. When you told me you were a single mother under the link i posted i complimented you and said that i was proud of you and you went on to be rude and call me all sorts of names. Who is suppose to be the more educated and older one out of the two of us? Please just get off of this articles page and leave my name out of your mouth.

  • Saravillamaria posted at 8:15 pm on Thu, Oct 25, 2012.

    Saravillamaria Posts: 52

    And what makes you think she'll lose her "license"? Did you lose your teaching credential? No, just your job, which clearly, you have not learned from. I truly wish you well. I'm done with this convo. Time for "It's Always Sunny"

  • LadyTiger posted at 7:57 pm on Thu, Oct 25, 2012.

    LadyTiger Posts: 47

    So you want to get her fired because she got you fired? Why not learn from this and move on. Besides, it's much harder to get fired in CA despite the "at-will" status of the state. Again, screen shots won't get you anywhere in CA. Look, you clearly haven't learned your lesson. If you continue to do this stupid and immature stuff, you will make it a guarantee that you won't be hired anywhere ever again as a teacher. I have friends who are lawyers, and I'm not joking around anymore. I saw your threat about calling or writing to the papers. I can guarantee that they have better things to do than deal with this pedantic nonsense.

  • LadyTiger posted at 7:24 pm on Thu, Oct 25, 2012.

    LadyTiger Posts: 47

    RNs aren't like the military, they don't get Article 34'd for "conduct unbecoming." LOL!!!!!! My mom was a nurse and they can get fired for DUIs, but still...they don't lose their license. Doctors accidentally kill people and rarely lose their license. Anyway, I'm done. I have to go save the world.

  • FuyGawkes posted at 7:19 pm on Thu, Oct 25, 2012.

    FuyGawkes Posts: 15

    Saravillamaria: 7. Unprofessional Conduct

    This broad term allows state boards to be subjective in judging why a nurse might get his license revoked. “Unprofessional conduct” can range from using inappropriate language around colleagues and patients to having an affair with a superior. Although it seems obvious, many nurses fail to understand why their conduct may be called into question. The level of professionalism in the nursing field is of the utmost importance, and employers won’t take kindly to those few nurses who exhibit inappropriate behavior of any sort. First-time offenders may only be reprimanded or suspended temporarily, but keep it up and you may be out of a job before you know it.

    Jenn told Ulrich to take her own life.

  • Saravillamaria posted at 7:01 pm on Thu, Oct 25, 2012.

    Saravillamaria Posts: 52

    Can you show me where this RN that isn't even an RN violated terms of her "license"?

  • LadyTiger posted at 6:25 pm on Thu, Oct 25, 2012.

    LadyTiger Posts: 47

    Sara, I apologize. From a logical standpoint, I just don't understand how people can defend that kind of behavior, especially if they have children. As for your question, I could not find the person she (I'm assuming it's Ms. Ulrich at this point) is talking about.

  • LadyTiger posted at 6:16 pm on Thu, Oct 25, 2012.

    LadyTiger Posts: 47

    "Idiocracy is a 2006 American film, a satirical science fiction comedy, directed by Mike Judge and starring Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph, Dax Shepard, and Terry Crews." Yeah, I definitely was NOT posting about a movie. So again, you do not make sense.

  • Saravillamaria posted at 6:16 pm on Thu, Oct 25, 2012.

    Saravillamaria Posts: 52

    Ladies ladies, be nice, and please answer my question.

  • LadyTiger posted at 6:14 pm on Thu, Oct 25, 2012.

    LadyTiger Posts: 47

    Idiocracy has to do with someone's temperament (and according to Word, is not even a word). Which does not make sense in the context with which you used it. However, "idiocy" is the word for which you are looking. If you call me an imbecile, then yes...idiocy would be the proper word. Not idiocracy. I was not posting about my temperament. Go back to school, Ms.Ulrich.

  • LadyTiger posted at 4:57 pm on Thu, Oct 25, 2012.

    LadyTiger Posts: 47

    Oops. You're right: "Under most circumstances, Washington is an at-will state, which means that either the employer or the employee can end the employment relationship at any time, with or without notice and with our without cause. There are numerous exceptions to the at-will doctrine that attorneys who advise employers or employees should be aware of. These exceptions have developed over time and are still evolving. The following are some examples. They are not all-inclusive." So basically, there's no "first amendment" defense either. I guess she should really have kept her mouth shut then!!!

  • Ohdear posted at 4:24 pm on Thu, Oct 25, 2012.

    Ohdear Posts: 3

    What I really don't understand is the fact that even when your actions on the IHTM page cost you your job, you are STILL very much active on there!!!? Have you not learnt anything?

  • boondocksaints posted at 4:19 pm on Thu, Oct 25, 2012.

    boondocksaints Posts: 22

    yes, it is. i just did.

  • boondocksaints posted at 4:13 pm on Thu, Oct 25, 2012.

    boondocksaints Posts: 22

    actually, in washington people can get fired for whatever they want. so, yes, this is the reason she was fired. i feel bad for teen moms. now they have to be lumped in the same category as you.

  • FuyGawkes posted at 12:35 pm on Thu, Oct 25, 2012.

    FuyGawkes Posts: 15

    No one told any hackers to go at her. The hackers did it of their own free will.

  • Stop the Hate posted at 8:57 pm on Wed, Oct 24, 2012.

    Stop the Hate Posts: 10

    REALLY!?!?!? 40!?!?!?!? Well then I guess Jake must be right after all. I mean, there can't be more than 79 teachers in the US, so if 40 of them had s*x with their students then that really must mean that MOST teachers have s*x with their students!! I apologize for being so rude earlier.


  • Comedian Jake Mendez Jr posted at 7:56 pm on Wed, Oct 24, 2012.

    Comedian Jake Mendez Jr Posts: 101

    Hey Now!! Congratulations to "Domanost" for being the 100th person to comment. You are the winner of a Subway Sandwich any $5 foot long at any participating Subway located in Othello, WA, Warden, WA and Moses Lake, WA only. Please contact me on Facebook as Comedian Jake Mendez Jr. with contact info and we can go from there. Thanks for being the 100th person to comment on here, at least I made it from bad news to a uplifting contest to make someone's day.

    -Comedian Jake Mendez Jr.

  • Domanost posted at 7:39 pm on Wed, Oct 24, 2012.

    Domanost Posts: 93

    Subway Sandwich!!??.

  • janakay posted at 6:48 pm on Wed, Oct 24, 2012.

    janakay Posts: 4

    AOL news just listed 40 teachers who had sexual relations with their students.

  • Comedian Jake Mendez Jr posted at 3:13 pm on Wed, Oct 24, 2012.

    Comedian Jake Mendez Jr Posts: 101

    I checked out this "I Hate Teen Moms" page and surely expressed my comment. You are all more welcome to check it out as my username on here, to witch is has a few "Likes" on it a few seconds after I posted it, I can't share what I said on here since this is a censored site. I am done here now. Thanks.

    -Comedian Jake Mendez Jr.

  • Comedian Jake Mendez Jr posted at 1:16 pm on Wed, Oct 24, 2012.

    Comedian Jake Mendez Jr Posts: 101

    Oh Natalia, you can try effortlessly to get me off any topic online or on Facebook. But you would waste all your energy and time trying. I am the Howard Stern of all Grant/Adams County of Washington state, and can poke and talk about it freely on here and talk about this with your username on my uncensored YouTube channel, so please give me the satisfaction of you trying to stop me! Thanks.

    -Comedian Jake Mendez Jr.

  • nataliaSB posted at 11:39 am on Wed, Oct 24, 2012.

    nataliaSB Posts: 9

    Not the article. The ACTUAL page 'I hate teen moms" and related discussions. I'm not quite sure what are you trying to prove here, since you are no Doctor of any kind don't diagnose me. Indeed it is not your problem and seems like this whole issue is none of your business, so why don't you mind it? Btw I we have wonderful facilities here in NC, come visit!

  • youknow posted at 9:46 am on Wed, Oct 24, 2012.

    youknow Posts: 41

    So all teachers have sexual relations with their students. Thats a new one on me. I have kids in elementary, middle and at the HS. Just how many kids do you have in the Moses Lake School District?

    Just to make this very clear. I am not a teacher, but a local business owner. In all my dealings with the school district, never once was there an appearance of unprofessionalism either on the job nor off. I make unannounced vists to the classrooms just to check out what goes on. I have had meetings with Mrs. Price with things that have concerned me and she was very open to suggestions. Just how many times have you visited the schools or talked to Mrs. Price? Venturing a guess, not once.

    Yes, teachers don't dress as professionally as they did in the past. I would like to see more of that in the classroom as I think it commands more respect. With that said, teachers have to connect with their students and be able to reach out to them. When was the last time you tried to have a decent conversation with a teenager? Its about impossible.

    As a business owner its important to check out a persons background before and after you hire them. That includes making phone calls, checking the internet, to find out what this person is really like. Just from your posts here, I can tell that I would never hire you.

  • Comedian Jake Mendez Jr posted at 9:22 am on Wed, Oct 24, 2012.

    Comedian Jake Mendez Jr Posts: 101

    Well of course I had read all this article. And the one that was printed. So don't take your sorry frustration because you were also the one who tried to get fired out on me. That is not my problem, there are mental facilities in Moses Lake you are more welcome to go to and talk about your personal problems. Sorry I am no Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew. So take your anger elsewhere. Thanks.

    -Comedian Jake Mendez Jr.

  • Comedian Jake Mendez Jr posted at 8:30 pm on Tue, Oct 23, 2012.

    Comedian Jake Mendez Jr Posts: 101

    @stopthehate. so are you telling me you know of some names and some that priests of teachers that are involved with their students? Oh please Please Lynn Lynch of the Herald herself call out the Moses Lake School District out on a teacher dressing a little exotic in the classroom, do you remember that when that was all over the paper??? As Ms. Price the mother hen of the School District tried to cover up the School District tail. I am glad she pointed that out, and that's the attention the School District deserved. That is the reason why "one" out of 5 teachers think they can get off on dressing like that at a school where it is a place to learn not lure, and that alone is an example. So please, I don't know who you are from a hole a few mice made on your wall. I know the facts, and I don't need to prove you anything. It's all proven in the media itself.

    -Comedian Jake Mendez Jr.

  • Stop the Hate posted at 5:44 pm on Tue, Oct 23, 2012.

    Stop the Hate Posts: 10


    Do you see the difference between "most teachers" and "two teachers, one of them many years ago, and maybe a few more that I can't name, and some priests?" You said that most teachers are sexually involved with their students. That's just wrong. There's no way you can back up that statement.

  • Comedian Jake Mendez Jr posted at 2:48 pm on Tue, Oct 23, 2012.

    Comedian Jake Mendez Jr Posts: 101

    I am just a person who is not afraid to show my face and provide my first and last name for all to see, and post my own opinion. Why? Because I have nothing to hide and don't care what other people who hide behind a username and a non-default photo have to say about what I post.

    -Comedian Jake Mendez Jr.

  • Comedian Jake Mendez Jr posted at 2:06 pm on Tue, Oct 23, 2012.

    Comedian Jake Mendez Jr Posts: 101

    @stopthehate. "Just when I thought I liked you"??? My intent commenting on here wasn't to create a fan base. But you can blab on about Mexican's this, Mexican's that, I really don't care, cause you know you could not stand 5 minutes of any of their hard labor and seasonal work that they do for this country. And what about that case in Seattle of the teacher getting involved with a minor student many years ago? There are cases PE teachers who abuse their own students, there are many health care providers who abuse the elderly, or those babysitters who toss and abuse infants to toddlers. Catholic priest getting involved with children, I can go on and on of many professions that are all not so professional. Yeah you may think its bull, but you are only defending the problem and justifying that its okay for a teacher and a over 18 student to get involved, but there are laws and state rules. But posting a Facebook comment of her own opinion, my gosh, lets toss her in the hole for 90 days. Give me a break!!!! Everyone is out for bogus media, and this happens to be the cow pie that is now the spot everyone want's to step in.

    -Comedian Jake Mendez Jr.

  • Comedian Jake Mendez Jr posted at 10:42 am on Tue, Oct 23, 2012.

    Comedian Jake Mendez Jr Posts: 101

    @youknow. Please talk about being professional, the reason why you don't see many teachers at bars is because most teachers are involved sexually with their own students. How many cases has been involving Teacher and Students? Like the recent one at WSU, and you want to fire someone over a Facebook post?? Teacher's in general are the ones who are not being much professional when it comes to being involved with their own students. I bet you would hire someone of a history of student and teacher relationships then a honest decent person who just posted a Facebook comment.

    -Comedian Jake Mendez Jr.

  • youknow posted at 10:16 am on Tue, Oct 23, 2012.

    youknow Posts: 41

    Washington State is an employment at will state. That means that its the employers will that you have a job, not the employees will. You can be fired anytime they decide that you are not needed anymore or for any reason.

    With that said, I believe the MLSD has every right in the world to fire her. Whether she was on her own time or not. There may have been other instances in her personel file that we are not aware of. Teachers are held to a higher standard all the time and must present themselves as professional even when they are off. When was the last time you walked into a tavern and saw a group or even a single teacher there drunk or even having a drink? It sure doesn't happen often. FB is the same thing. Even tho she was off at the time of the post, it reflects back badly to the SD.

    If Ms Ulrich was in my employ, I would do the exact same thing as MLSD did. It reflects badly upon the school district, upon the City of Moses Lake and upon the populous in general.

  • Comedian Jake Mendez Jr posted at 11:27 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    Comedian Jake Mendez Jr Posts: 101

    WOW!!!! Comments are still going. I think everyone lost focus on the Presidential Debate. Will this make it to Dateline or 20/20? I will buy the 100th person who comments on this post a Subway sandwich w/ chips and soda. And a medium pizza from Pizza Hut to the 200th person to :P

    -Comedian Jake Mendez Jr.

  • Saravillamaria posted at 8:40 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    Saravillamaria Posts: 52

    The last thing that teen moms are scared!?!?! Seriously!? That is almost as an ignorant statement as the satire that was posted on that "hate" page. You obviously have been in no way involved in teen moms. Ask anyone who has been a teen mom if they weren't scared? I had my daughter at 28 and I was scared. You are just as ignorant as the idiots that support that page. Our kids, teens, and educators deserve better than this immature and arrogant view. Walk a mile in their shoes and stop placing blame on people who call out the ignorance on your obvious lack of empathy and sympathy of what hard choices these girls make.

  • XoXo posted at 6:55 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    XoXo Posts: 12

    The last thing the teen moms are are scared, like i said before you only see it from one side, & an eye for an eye would only make 2 people half blind if you wanna get all technical.

  • Saravillamaria posted at 6:35 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    Saravillamaria Posts: 52

    Also, what do political forums have to do with the topic of harassing teens? All I see is political satire on Facebook these days anyway, and that does not excuse cori harassing young impressional and probably scared teens. Apples and oranges.

  • ulrichc88 posted at 4:41 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    I have openly admitted to wording my post in and inappropriate way. I have also apologized for wording my original post and comments underneath said post in the inappropriate manner in which i did. If you read then entire comments underneath the link i never once asked for their help. I only posted the article so that others were aware of what has happened to me because of that page. Also to let others know what could happen to them. As far as my personal facebook page goes i have not deleted any photos. My page is set to private. If you would like i can open it up to the public. I have absolutely nothing to hide.

  • Saravillamaria posted at 2:17 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    Saravillamaria Posts: 52

    Apparently this Jean is a nurse, so the cronies are also contacting some nursing boards and contacted like 20 hospitals in the city asking for her. This really sounds like someone that has learned from their mistakes. I hope you guys get whatever vengeance you are looking for. But none of that will bring Corianne's job back, and nor should it.

  • XoXo posted at 1:51 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    XoXo Posts: 12

    obviously you don't know what trolls are, not EVERYONE on that page is like that or says things like that so like i said before to someone else know all your facts before you try to speak about it.

  • XoXo posted at 1:48 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    XoXo Posts: 12

    You only see what some trolls write, you have not been there long enough to see what these so called "young mothers" have said to the people on that page and how some of them actually went and messaged and harassed supporters of that page so before you assume and jump to conclusions know all your facts before you try to say something bad about the subject.

  • XoXo posted at 1:46 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    XoXo Posts: 12

    I think you should think before you speak because even if she got support from the people on that page means nothing, we all are not heartless just because we have liked a simple page on facebook, seriously people are getting more and more arrogant. And if you think children having children is a good thing than there is something wrong with humanity, and yes she maybe made one mistake by posting on that page one time and could of worded it differently doesn't mean she should get bashed for it, and she posted on that page telling us her case so that EVERYONE can see what can happen and how far someone is willing to go to get someone in trouble because they didn't like something someone had said.

  • XoXo posted at 1:41 pm on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    XoXo Posts: 12

    Maybe you should take your own advice, seriously.

  • Saravillamaria posted at 11:57 am on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    Saravillamaria Posts: 52

    I am disgusted at this page. Appropriate comment by the teacher or not (which it wasn't) this page is a disgrace to the human race. Some quotes I just read were, "What's the best thing that can happen to a teen mom? A miscarriage." and. "if you see a pregnant teen, push her down some stairs". Also someone posted that teen moms should carry around coat hangers! It's just gross! Anyone who would post anything on that page shouldn't be allowed anywhere near children. Argue all you guys want. I'm convinced the school district made the right choice, and I hope this coriannes future employers are made aware of this as well. And to have cronies from that site try and defend those comments is in just as poor taste as the original post to begin with.

  • variformzaftig posted at 6:40 am on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    variformzaftig Posts: 2

    Same Black List tactics used by the House Committee on Un-American Activities of the 50's/60's .....
    Freedom of Speech and Thought is a corner-stone of American Life tho at times a bit Mis-Directed ...

    May I suggest you all read and associated Links, Should you not be OLD Enough to Remember those Times, or the Black Listed people whose lives were Ruined by innuendo and demagoguery..
    The subject is Different but the aim is the same IMHO

    Seen below is just one of the Neo-McCarthysim description pages where these bullies marshal their forces to attack pages and members whose opinions they disagree with..

    Pages to Report and Stay Away From
    by PETITION TO REMOVE "I hate Teen Moms's" Page on Saturday, October 20, 2012 at 9:51am ·
    This list will likely grow. If you have a page to add to the list, message us and we'll add it as soon as
    we can:

    This is the link to "I Hate Teen Moms" Page and their duplicate:
    Their screen shot page to avoid being reported:

    Similar troll pages to report:

    Page has been updated since I took above screen shot but still promotes members to attack others with whom they disagree...

  • Stop the Hate posted at 5:50 am on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    Stop the Hate Posts: 10

    Yes, but you called in others from that site to help support your case. Seems to me that you've still got ties to IHTM. Whether or not you're a "member" doesn't really matter. You posted there, you apparently agreed with the spirit of the page (which is to antagonize and harass teen moms) and your link to your facebook page comes only after you've deleted over 100 images and edited all of the information there. I'm going to have to trust the school board on this one. It seems that you made some pretty serious mistakes.

  • ulrichc88 posted at 5:13 am on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    I am not a member of that page!!! I stumbled across it on the one day. The only things i have posted since then is about this issue that is going on. I do not harass or antagonize those teen moms/women on that page. Feel free to go to my fb and see what pages i like. None of the pages that i am affiliated with are hateful. I am a good person.

  • Stop the Hate posted at 4:38 am on Mon, Oct 22, 2012.

    Stop the Hate Posts: 10

    I've seen the "I hate teen moms" page and I've read what Coriann and her friends from that site have posted here and I'm appalled. Nowhere is there any sense of self-blame or apology from those who run that ugly and mean-spirited page. I haven't seen Coriann's comments, but from what I've read here it seems that she was dishing it out pretty good before the dung hit the cooling device.

    Coriann and her IHTM friends need to know that having fun on the internet by making fun of other people and being vicious under the internet's cloak of anonymity has repercussions. Coming here to cry foul when a member of that group gets in trouble for something that, from what I gather, she truly deserved to get in trouble for shows that you've learned nothing.

    That site is horrible. Those who participate in it behave horribly. It's like watching a clique of high school bullies picking on the weaker girls in the school. The school district may have overreacted a bit, but there's no way you can say this was undeserved.

  • ulrichc88 posted at 11:47 pm on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    I have the original thread but it would not allow me to post it on this page. If anybody would like to see it i have no problems providing it.

    What upsets me the most about the school district is that i was informed my employment was terminated over the phone. when i tried to defend myself in stating that the woman was just upset and was just trying to mess with me and how she didn't live in the district nor did she live in Washington. The HR manager then told me she didn't care why this woman was doing it or where she was from. That what i said was inappropriate. I told her that i was on my own time and that I have the right to my opinion. And that i also have the 1st amendment right to free speech. She wasn't trying to listen. She got an attitude and hung up on me. So a little bit later i asked for a written explanation. which was quoted in the article.

    The worst part about the MLSD taking this woman's word on what happened is she is a habitual bully/Troll. The woman that got me fired is now trying harassing another woman's work place. She has been emailing and calling this woman's employer trying to get her fired as well. This woman goes through all this trouble all because she disagrees with someones opinions. She is suppose to be an OR Nurse. I don't understand how she even has the time to mess with other people's lives.

    I am trying to seek legal counsel. So far nobody is trying to help me. I don't have the financial means to pay for one either unless they are willing to take my case on contingency or pro bono.

    I appreciate all the support and understanding. I should have worded what i posted in a nicer way. Once again I am sorry if the way i worded my post offended anyone. i apologize.

  • Comedian Jake Mendez Jr posted at 11:31 pm on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    Comedian Jake Mendez Jr Posts: 101

    I think all of you should find another free hobby and get over this topic. Seriously!

    -Comedian Jake Mendez Jr.

  • Reason posted at 11:02 pm on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    Reason Posts: 4

    Private employees have no protection in regards to 1st admendment cases, but public employees do. If it is determined that the proxy hiring methods of the school district is splitting hairs, so to speak, and she is considered by the court to be a public employee, according to the supreme court she is protected by the constitution. If on the other hand she is found to be a private employee, she has no legal recourse except to take it before the supreme court and get her employment with M.L.S.D. reclassified as public. This is very possible. And rightfully so...
    As for the mention of the posts being unrecoverable, if it's been posted to the internet, then it is still there, even if network deletes the post. Any decent hacker could get these copies from a number of different places. Time stamped log files, and duplicates are kept and made to insure a lack of data loss on the network in the event of a hardware failure in the servers. Data integrity is constantly monitored to remove digital artifacts as the data moves through the hardware of the internet.
    Lastly, the individual that sought out the fired poster, can and should be sued. I sincerely hope so, because enabling any employer to fire any employee for anything other the employees poor performance is in direct contradiction of the most basic implied promise an employer makes to an employee when they commit to hiring them it the first place.
    Just plain sense. I honestly hope this goes to court. I am ashamed of the Moses Lake School Districts Administration, and more than just a little concerned at their lack of plain sense.

  • XoXo posted at 8:04 pm on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    XoXo Posts: 12

    I'm sorry but everyone who thinks she is wrong for her opinion and how she worded it needs to just get over it, if she does that on her own time it shouldn't matter and if she has no prior record of saying things like this to her students or even say things like that around her students shouldn't result to her being fired. What jenn did was stalk this poor woman to the point where she got to her personal information and reported this to the newspaper and her work place, for no reason but the simple fact that she didn't agree with her. On another note jenn should be fired from her jobs as a nurse and have her license revoked because of her telling mrs. Ulrich to go "jump off a cliff" and that if she ever came to her in need of medical help that she wouldn't do anything to help, now THAT is dead wrong to say. So before people jump to conclusions not knowing the whole situation and what was said know what you are talking about before you make yourselves look like fools.

  • Domanost posted at 7:47 pm on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    Domanost Posts: 93

    LadyTiger, I am astonished by your level of intolerance and need to make personal attacks on someone just to prove your point. Maybe someone should dig up dirt on you, call your employer, get you fired, see what tune you would be singing then. You might see the true problem does not lie in what she said or how she said it, its the action of the other that became so intolerant and viscous of her view that they couldn't stop at words they had search for her private info, as Identity thief would and make a effort to get someone fired by calling their employer. I question the true compassion of the person that think this ok.

  • Beelzebub posted at 6:49 pm on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    Beelzebub Posts: 118

    I see a lawsuit in the making. Who wrote what, on what website, and can it be proven? A lawsuit filed against the ML School District can be costly to the taxpayers, even if they are successful in defending their actions, which are written in a letter sent to the terminated employee, despite the school district claims they are not employees. The filed lawsuit will make for additional reading.

  • nataliaSB posted at 3:14 pm on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    nataliaSB Posts: 9


  • nataliaSB posted at 3:03 pm on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    nataliaSB Posts: 9

    XAXA, I would like to give you a hug! Tigerwoman, please actually understand the point of what people are saying before going on about them not being pretty enough to be a teacher, that kind of stereotypes messes up little girls minds and leads them to have s'x and have babies just to get attention. Nothing wrong with being a single mom - and so many things wrong with having babies as soon as you hit puberty! As for Jen - she doesn't make any sence in any of her actions, just peaking random people (by the way, people who have a real point in their posts, not the ones who's actually being cruel and hurtful) and harassing them, PURPOSELY trying to get them fired, occusing of being the pages admin

  • Concerned_observer posted at 2:36 pm on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    Concerned_observer Posts: 12

    you're happy that an educator who believes that teen pregnancy is a growing social issue and needs attention and futher education to prevent it / support it lost their job for sharing her opinion? o.0

  • Concerned_observer posted at 2:32 pm on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    Concerned_observer Posts: 12

    this needs a like button! xD

  • Concerned_observer posted at 2:31 pm on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    Concerned_observer Posts: 12

    all I can suggest is to talk to an attorney. they will give a 30 min session free.

  • Concerned_observer posted at 2:24 pm on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    Concerned_observer Posts: 12

    if you read the post then you would be able to view the edit marks and see that the edits were to correct spelling erros and grammar. not to change words or point of views. She never divulged that much personal information and you slandering her with your suggestive remarks is offensive. btw she has graduated college ;D

  • Concerned_observer posted at 2:22 pm on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    Concerned_observer Posts: 12

    Its amusing how you're spouting off about nothing that had to do with the subject-matter. Personall sassumptions are only conjecture; filling in the blanks incorrectly only makes you delusional.

  • Concerned_observer posted at 2:21 pm on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    Concerned_observer Posts: 12

    because you use the word "hate" to discriminate.

  • Xaxa posted at 8:19 am on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    Xaxa Posts: 2

    Now you're a sight to're coming on here calling Ulrich foul mouthed and misinformed while you sit on your behind and make comments about how it's inappropriate to be obese. How ironic! A concerned citizen reported her? Oh, please. This was a person who simply could not handle another person's opinion. Concerned citizens don't hang around Facebook all day reporting free speech that doesn't even violate the standard FB TOS. I worked alongside the police when I witnessed things. That's a concerned citizen for you. I'm concerned that people like you and the idiot that reported this person's post cannot understand that free speech is for everyone and if it offends you that's simply too bad. No one should have to wear a government issued filter to keep people from getting their little feelings hurt. You simply cannot bend the 1st amendment sweetie.Sorry to burst your bubble, but she's allowed to feel how she wants and she's allowed to express it, too.

    You've posted thrice and each and every post is utter stupidity. Her foul mouthed opinion? It doesn't matter what language you choose to use upon voicing your opinion so long as it doesn't violate the TOS--and it never did. Beyond that, the girl was far more foul than Ulrich. She needed a bar of soap in her mouth and a slap across the face.
    Ms. Urlich is a single mother--and she's also an adult. I critique teen parents-I think it's disgusting quite frankly. Kids having kids? Messed up.
    These little girls don't have to be on food stamps and welfare but because they weren't careful when opening their legs, they're now leeching off the system which was originally designed to help struggling people get back on their feet. Read a book!
    That being said, don't act like she's the only person that has sworn in her life. I was in an algebra class my freshman year and the teacher cursed. It seems to me that you don't even know half the stuff that goes on in schooling--this is lightweight right here. That aside, it wasn't in the classroom so why her career was mentioned is beyond me. Teachers are people too. It's completely sad for you to critique her marriage as well. You don't know what caused the two to separate. Perhaps she was being abused. Perhaps he was running off. Perhaps he cheated on her. Whatever the reason is, how are you gonna sit there and defend SINGLE TEEN MOMS who can't support themselves, and come down on a grown woman who lost her husband and then her job? That makes no sense. Perhaps if you read a book and thought before you typed you wouldn't be in the situation of being called out by an 18 year old woman who doesn't even have marriage/child experience yet clearly understands the two better than you.

  • SuddenxTragic posted at 5:45 am on Sun, Oct 21, 2012.

    SuddenxTragic Posts: 4

    I would like to point out I Hate Teen Moms does not violate terms of service but we do have people coming on there telling us to go hang ourselves, go play in traffic, shoot ourselves, and worse. They don't get deleted but we do.

  • LadyTiger posted at 10:24 pm on Sat, Oct 20, 2012.

    LadyTiger Posts: 47

    In closing, I would like to point out how Ms. Ulrich cries about being a single mother, yet criticizes teenage moms for needing public assistance? I take umbrage with such remarks because I have friends who have had to be single parents because the fathers were dead-beats or because their husbands were away defending Ms. Ulrich's right to free speech (which she has clearly misunderstood as the right to put her personal life and foul-mouthed opinions out there and then get upset when a concerned citizen reported her to her employer because she works with children and this is clearly not the kind of person who should be educating impressionable youths--well-liked or not!). Maybe if she had the same views on marriage as she did on birth control and teen pregnancy, she wouldn't be put in the situation of being a single mom!

  • nataliaSB posted at 4:33 pm on Sat, Oct 20, 2012.

    nataliaSB Posts: 9

    That Jennifer person is a crazy stalker, she has been calling and emailing my job trying to get me fired too! She needs to pay for what she's doing, a legal advise anyone? A real advise please, not bs

  • ulrichc88 posted at 11:18 am on Sat, Oct 20, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    Thank you. I appreciate that. I also appreciate the fact that you see what i was trying to say.

  • AmericanGal posted at 8:22 am on Sat, Oct 20, 2012.

    AmericanGal Posts: 4

    Also, it is truly a shame that people's ideals are so messed up these days that anyone in their right mind would take issue with someone who is AGAINST teen pregnancy being an educator. If only more teachers were like her! Believe me, if I had the choice between having my child educated by some poor soul so bereft of morals that they believe children should be out having s*x and Ms Ulrich, I can GUARANTEE you I'd chose Ulrich (or someone like her) every time.

  • AmericanGal posted at 8:18 am on Sat, Oct 20, 2012.

    AmericanGal Posts: 4

    This is disgusting. I too am a member of the page and what Ms Ulrich posted was by far one of the milder posts that page has seen and was frankly quite commonsensical. The woman (Jean) in question even went so far as to message myself and several other members of the page. To go so far as to get a woman fired because you disagree with her views? My God! But, if that wasn't bad enough, she's come back several times to harass Ms Ulrich and others using swears, insults and personal attacks. Not to mention outright lies. [angry]

    Frankly, the fact that she was apparently in SUPPORT of teen pregnancy is startling, but that she was so in support of the issue that she'd guarantee unemployment to someone who challenged those ridiculous views is absurd. There should be no discussion, teen pregnancy is a prominent social issue that is cause for great concern and most certainly needs to be address. I am sorry that this silly woman thinks otherwise and willing to get someone fired because she doesn't like to be told she may be in the wrong. I'm only sorry I can't find her own info and pay her the same in kind.

  • mycomment posted at 7:39 pm on Fri, Oct 19, 2012.

    mycomment Posts: 2

    facebook is a public place, specially when you work with kids. You have to be careful what you post, you never know who is watching. Anyways, I do not understand why even go to that page...

  • ulrichc88 posted at 6:11 pm on Fri, Oct 19, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    Please inform me what other boards i am on and groups i have been kicked out of? I have the entire post. I have tried numerous times to post it but it will not allow me to on here. I have nothing to hide. If anyone would like the original transcript please feel free to email me at I have only been deleted out of 2 groups on fb and that is grant county bid and win for deleting a post. and the diy page and that was for supposedly copying another diyers work. Which for the record has never happened. If you dont believe me feel free to check out my page.

  • janakay posted at 5:07 pm on Fri, Oct 19, 2012.

    janakay Posts: 4

    Absolutely sickening and immature. I am happy she is fired.

  • Domanost posted at 4:53 pm on Fri, Oct 19, 2012.

    Domanost Posts: 93

    I sniffed troll, yet I will give her this. It is a comment section to her own article so she can be bias and still debate her side to follow up on comments. Or it would be just a bunch a people blasting on her thinking themselves better than the fool. [wink]

  • Domanost posted at 4:20 pm on Fri, Oct 19, 2012.

    Domanost Posts: 93

    I am a open minded individual that has many differing views. I may find her view differing from my own yet I am going to tolerate her point of view, for she has the right. I will stand behind her, because like her I should never have to fear are freedom of speech and are liberty use it without persecution and fear of being bullied Mentally, Physically or Financially to silence your voice.

  • Twocents posted at 3:59 pm on Fri, Oct 19, 2012.

    Twocents Posts: 2

    ...and you'll notice who takes to the comment section to post all day long. The missing piece of this story is that she's active on all sorts of FB boards and been kicked out of several groups for trolling behavior and inappropriateness. Her employer deciding her actions were a liability was inevitable at some point. This isn't an isolated incident, folks, and you're only being fed the parts of the conversation thread she wants you to see. You can't lie down in the mud after hours and not expect some to still cling to you when you go to work the next day. She knew when she got on that board that it was inflammatory. Why jump in and associate yourself with it if you're a professional person? GIGO.

  • ulrichc88 posted at 1:34 pm on Fri, Oct 19, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    And as i have said before i have nothing against teen moms. I have plenty of friends that had kids in high school. I completely say to each their own. When I came across that page for the first time I seen all these teen moms on there talking about how they are responsible and good moms. which I know plenty of teen moms that are personal friends of mine that are good teen moms. All i was meaning is that you can way your responsible now but majority of teen moms werent responsible initially.

  • ulrichc88 posted at 1:28 pm on Fri, Oct 19, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    I didnt call anybody any names.

  • cleinw posted at 12:59 pm on Fri, Oct 19, 2012.

    cleinw Posts: 7

    I was on two different types of birth control the pill the first one and depo shot the second... and as I said you have the right to your opinion and had you said just what you said to me you would not be in trouble! But calling children the names you called them is never appropriate!!! EVER!!! I was a teen the first time I was pregnant and then had two more children. I worked full time and all my children have the same dad. I had cancer at 23 and was told I could no longer have children, So who are you to judge me for being a teen mom. If I had not had my children when I did then I may not have had any. I never recommend the way I did things. Life was alot harder, but no teacher has a right to judge and they DO NOT have a right to call girls the names you called them. You maybe good with small children or perfect kids but you do not need to be around teens who need caring, understanding, and maybe someone to talk to... Look at your post and what you called those children and if you can't see something wrong with it, then you are worse then I thought. Would you put up with a teacher or school staff calling your child the names you called these girls... I WOULD NOT.

  • ulrichc88 posted at 11:43 am on Fri, Oct 19, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    yes you are entitled to you opinion. ANd like i have said before i have nothing against teen pregnancy. I just personally feel that majority of the time it happens due to lack of proper education about contraceptives. May i ask you a question. You say 2 of your children were birth control babies. What form of birth control were you on? I am sorry that you feel the way that you do. I have plenty of parents that i have worked with their children that would disagree. But like you said everyone is entitled to their opinion. The main message of my post was to say that there are so many different contraceptives out there. And that if you arent being responsible from the beginning then you arent being that responsible.

  • cleinw posted at 11:29 am on Fri, Oct 19, 2012.

    cleinw Posts: 7

    Yes you have the right to your opinion... as so do I. I don't think you should be working in a school! Thank you MLSD. Your posts were disgusting. To say teens should not be having babies is one thing, but thats where it should have ended. I am the mother of teens and I do pray they don't have children at this age, but if one of them should happen to take that path in life no school employee has the right to comment on that. If you have such rude, outspoken opinions on facebook, what's to stop you from talking to a child or in front of a child like that. Not to mention that every situation is not as it always seems. I have two children who were birth control babies (thank you lord) and I went to school with a girl who was pregnant do to a rape. I am thankful that my chilren will not have to go to school with you judging them. I pray you learned a good lession from this and that you find another job. Only God has the right to judge people, our job is to love eachother.

  • ulrichc88 posted at 12:13 am on Fri, Oct 19, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    I am completely against bullying!!! Cyber or in person. I was teased all through school. I was suicidal by the 5th grade because i was picked on so bad about my weight. People still to this day say hurtful things about my weight. I would never dream of trying to hurt anybody or bully anyone. I might be blunt but i would never out right say hurtful things. Anyone that knows me can testify to this. All those horrible things that woman said to me really hit me hard. I have PCOS and have struggled with problems with my ovaries. It took me over 6 months to get pregnant with my son. So to be told that someone hopes i am infertile is EXTREMELY hurtful.

  • ulrichc88 posted at 12:07 am on Fri, Oct 19, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    yes that is the actual post word for word. I have trie to post the whole discussion but it will not allow me to do so. Also my facebook page is under a different last name and my personal page is private. I was not trying to offend anyone. I truly feel that most teen pregnancies happen because lack of proper education about the correct contraceptives. The only reason she knew where i worked was because that was the only information that she could see on my private page.

  • Saravillamaria posted at 11:38 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    Saravillamaria Posts: 52

    Also, is that what the other woman really said because that is not what the transcript on Facebook states?

  • Saravillamaria posted at 11:36 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    Saravillamaria Posts: 52

    I think that in the light of the Amanda Dodd story, the harassment of young teens (provoked or not) is something that is not taken lightly. you may have been made an example of. But what if one of those teen moms, full of hormones, was offended or crushed by that? You must think before you put yourself out there. You were the first to post, and it was a hate page, and you were representing the school district at the time or this other woman wouldn't have known where you worked. Unfortunate, but a life lessons and a mistake you will surely not make again. Best of luck in reforming and finding a new career.

  • Saravillamaria posted at 11:36 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    Saravillamaria Posts: 52

    I think that in the light of the Amanda Dodd story, the harassment of young teens (provoked or not) is something that is not taken lightly. you may have been made an example of. But what if one of those teen moms, full of hormones, was offended or crushed by that? You must think before you put yourself out there. You were the first to post, and it was a hate page, and you were representing the school district at the time or this other woman wouldn't have known where you worked. Unfortunate, but a life lessons and a mistake you will surely not make again. Best of luck in reforming and finding a new career.

  • WSMILITIA posted at 11:00 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    WSMILITIA Posts: 7

    As I said Joe she was an employee or the government ,they can not sensor her .apparently the constitution doesn't mean anything to you and are willing to give up your freedoms to government rule.I may not agree with her but the law is the law

  • ulrichc88 posted at 10:46 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    Its supposedly offensive because of my foul language.

  • ulrichc88 posted at 10:44 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    thank you.

  • ulrichc88 posted at 10:42 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    its supposedly offensive because of my foul language.

  • ulrichc88 posted at 10:41 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    well technically in this state all employees are at will. I have every right to say what i wish on my day off. I was not at work nor was i on or using school property. I dont see how a woman in california can complain about what i do on my day off. I also dont see how the school district would not get the full story of what happened. They didnt even ask my side of the story and this woman only sent them select comments. She didnt show the whole discussion. That is suppose to be the beauty of this country is our freedoms. Any more there is no such thing. Everyone is so worried about being politically correct but yet adults and children get bullied all the time and people dont feel any remorse. Why is it that we can say horrible things about peoples weight, the way they dress, or the way they look and nobody gives it a second thought? But because someone shares an opinion everyone overreacts. People are so afraid to express their opinions because of people persecuting them. Its not right.

  • Robo Cop posted at 10:17 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    Robo Cop Posts: 94

    I still don't get it. I have read the post. What the heck is so offensive in the post???? [beam]

  • Joe Citizen posted at 9:36 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    Joe Citizen Posts: 96

    All these comments are worthless. She is a at will employee and that is that!!! She should think about it before she posts on facebook. All I can say is use your brain next time.

  • Domanost posted at 7:22 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    Domanost Posts: 93

    At second though that other person was Queen Troll and gobbled your job up by using elementary school tactics of lets tell teacher. Sorry about your job. I feel they should have at least of had a sit down with you or something. Rise above.

  • WSMILITIA posted at 6:45 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    WSMILITIA Posts: 7

    This is a 1st amendment violationThe school which is an arm of the government cannot sensor free speech.if people are going to make exceptions for this and that then we might as well wipe our backsides with the consitution becuase thats all it is worth.The consitution exists to limit government if we the people allow them to bend the rules then we are on our way to tyranny.

  • Robo Cop posted at 6:37 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    Robo Cop Posts: 94

    I think the post is not that bad. Everyone has there opinions and if your offended don't look at or read it.

  • ulrichc88 posted at 5:51 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    Thank you! That is exactly how i feel. It was on my own time. I could understand if i was on school grounds using school time and school property. I wasnt. i was on my own computer in my own home on my day off. The worst part about it is the woman that complained doesnt have a child in the district nor does she even live in washington. I never once stated i worked for the district. The only way she found out was by checking out my private facebook profile. The only info that she was able to see was my picture and that i live in moses lake and worked at the district. I have been a sub for 3 years as well as a volunteer youth volleyball coach for 2 years i have had many dealings with parents and students. I am ALWAYS professional while dealing with them. I have nothing against teen pregnancies. I had just seen a lot of women on that page talking about how they are good responsible parents and i was just basically saying that why be responsible after instead of from the beginning. I have tried posting the original post and entire conversation. unfortunately it will not let me. I provided all the information to the herald when they called me because this woman emailed them. i remain a constant for safe s**! I am not saying my actions a teenager are things to look up to by any means. but i will say this i am glad that i have the partying in the past so that way i can be the best mom possible to my son.

  • ceecee posted at 5:36 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    ceecee Posts: 6

    I am reposting as the first has disappered..I think this is obviously a facebook arguement gone badly. This Jenn Gutterud be quiet, how rude and deceptive of her to send this might want to check this out. First off, this is America were you have free speech, just back it up. Plus teens are getting pregnant on purpose, don't think alot of these are accidents..yes they need our support..;oops they already get it $$ Corian is right to have her own opinions plus employers are over stepping to the point of invasion of our off time privacy. Work is work and I have the right to have a drink, say stuff and get crazy once in awhile. I work hard to support those who are not so responsible.. Coriann, keep your chin up!! Jenn Gutterud--you are something![sad]

  • ulrichc88 posted at 5:01 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    It sucks. I am not saying my comments were appropriate. I would have never said things the way i did if i would have known this was going to happen. Nor would i have posted it if i would have signed an agreement with the district. I thought I was okay to be blunt and vulgar on my day off. I apologize to anyone and everyone who has seen the post and might have offended by my vulgar language and my bluntness.

  • Saravillamaria posted at 4:49 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    Saravillamaria Posts: 52

    Oh my. That part I did not see. It sounds like a Facebook arguement gone way too far. The only part I saw is what the Harold posted directly to that page. Sounds like harassment on both ends. Sad. Just sad. It is unfortunate that those comments came back to haunt you. Let this be a lesson to all on Facebook!!!!

  • ulrichc88 posted at 4:33 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    no your right i never did finish high school. and honestly it was my biggest regret in life. I do however have my GED that i got before i turned 18 and i passed the ETS PAra Pr assessment with a 98% which you either need that certification to be a paraeducator or an AA degree.

  • ulrichc88 posted at 4:18 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    Before all kinds of horrible rumors get started i will squash this right now!!! I have the original post! Let me go ahead and post the whole conversation instead of people picking and choosing what to post!

  • ulrichc88 posted at 4:15 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    ulrichc88 Posts: 46

    I am not saying that accidents dont happen. I understand that. Also in my defense I am not a troll. I came across this page on my day off on my own personal laptop. I have nothing against teen pregnancy. I just think a lot of it happens because of not being properly educated about the correct tools and contraceptives. Also I could have worded my original post to sound more caring and more professional sounding, but i wasnt really caring because I was on my day off. i wasnt speaking to a student. I wasnt speaking to a parent or even another employee. Yes i do use vulgar language on my own free time. To fire me over my own personal opinion on my own time is outrageous. Thats like your boss being a democrat and you being a republican and him firing you because you had a mitt romney sign on your lawn. I wasnt representing the school in this post. I said nothing about the district. And my personal facebook page even has a different last name then the one i work under. i have the horrible post where this woman tells me to kill myself etc... How is it okay to be fired over freedom of speech? I would NEVER say anything like that to a student!!! And it is insulting to think that people would actually think so low of me.

  • Domanost posted at 12:04 pm on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    Domanost Posts: 93

    hmm. At first reading the article I thought what could be so bad, I am all for free speech. Yet after reading the original post that I thank Wild Bill for posting, I now see why this post by her was just wrong. She is your Basic Internet Troll that thinks that what they say on the internet will never come back and hurt them. Well it did. I don't really believe though the retaliatory termination is in the core values of creative thinking without fear of censorship. Yet that what happens now days, cut all possible risk because "they became a liability" really equal they descent from the Religion of Politically Correctness, taken up a belief called Individualism and was fired because of it. For I anything I hope she was fired for the sophomoric comments then her beliefs.

  • mlcitizen posted at 10:28 am on Thu, Oct 18, 2012.

    mlcitizen Posts: 3

    wow, if the below post is what she really said then i'm glad she was let go. i know that everyone has a right to their own opinion but as a sub she will have to at times work at the high school where there are many pregnant girls, and honestley i am glad she won't be around them to make them feel worse than a lot of them already do. when people have certain jobs, they can't go throwing their opinions out there for all to see. it's just the way it is. and to say that a woman is too selfish to NOT to give their child up for adoption is an absolute ignorant thing to say. and it is also ignorant to say that in "this day an age there should be no such thing as unplanned pregnancy" it happens to a lot of females, not just the teen ones. married ones are included. pregnancy happens due to unprotected, or failed birth control. this woman doesn't have the right to assume that every teen who got pregnant didn't "utilize the proper tools" . good job mlsd for canning her.