Mike Riggs’ belief statement says it all

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When I vote, I like to know as much as possible about the person before I cast my ballot. There are times when I leave the ballot blank because I don’t have the information that I need to make a good decision.

I have known Mike Riggs for a number of years. I got to know him when he was the principal at Knolls Vista school. I also value him as a friend.

In reading his Candidate Belief Statement and spending time visiting with him about what he would like to see accomplished for us as citizens of Moses Lake, I believe that he will serve us best in the position for City Council No. 1.

If you have not read his Belief Statement yet, here are some of the things he wishes the citizens of Moses Lake to be if he is elected:

• Safe in one’s person and property

• Supported in one’s ambitions and goals

• Valued for one’s presence and contributions

• Respected by all others and with respect for all others

• Responsible to uphold established laws and standards.

By electing Mike Riggs, I believe that we as citizens of Moses Lake can ”share responsibility to obey the law and foster a positive environment for all.”

When casting your ballot, please vote for Mike Riggs.

Judy Madewell

Moses Lake

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