Attendance up at Ephrata's Beezley Burn

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Bicyclists ride during the Beezley Burn in Ephrata’s Lions Park Saturday.

EPHRATA - Attendance increased by at least 75 riders, if not more, during the weekend's Beezley Burn mountain bike race in Ephrata.

Jake Maedke, an event spokesperson, said 125 people took part in last year's event.

Saturday morning, there were 180 riders and counting, he estimated.

He credits the increase to the event joining the seven race Fat Tire Revolution series. The Echo Valley Rally, near Echo Valley Chelan ski area, is the next race in the series on May 12.

Bikers came to Ephrata from throughout the state, including Seattle, the east side and Wenatchee, to ride the eight mile lap course, he said.

Maedke described the course as "pretty rugged and challenging."

"There's lots of challenge out there and lots of climbing," he commented.

The Beezley Burn is in its eighth year of existence and has drawn more riders throughout the years. He recalls the first year, when there were just 46 participants. Saturday, racers departed from Lion's Park, climbing a steep hill to get started.

Once through most of the course, finishers rode down a hill into the grassy area of the park to the sound of bells ringing.

Garren Hawn, of the Wenatchee-based Evergreen  Mountain Bike Alliance, attended, explaining the alliance helps with other races in the Fat Tire Revolution series.

It was his first time at the Beezley Burn and the first time the alliance had a group racing there.

He commented there were many good racing groups on hand, including Mafia Racing and Vicious Cycling.

Joe Myers, of Bellingham, finished on a unicycle. He thought he was the only unicyclist there.

"It was great, it was warm," Myers said.

Saturday was his first time finishing the Beezley Burn, but he completed comparable races in more extreme conditions, he explained.

In March, he unicycled the Red 2 Red mountain bike race in Echo, Ore., in 30 to 40 mph winds.

Nearby Kristen Crupi, of Seattle, and her son, Leroi Smith, 2, were watching the event.

Crupi's husband was taking part.

The race marked the first overnight trip the couple experienced after Leroi was born, she recalled.

First through third place results by age group:


First, Courtenay McFadden, 27, Voler/Bicycle Centers, 2:09, second, Natasha Hernday, 41, Mafia, 2:10, third, Erika Krumpelman, 45, Team REP, 2:15.


First, Logan Wetzel, 25, Noble Bikes, 1:45:23, second, Garett Heitman, 36, Clif Bar, 1:45:47, third, Kevin Bradford-Parish, 30, SETcoach, 1:48.

Female 19-44

First, Whitney Anderson, 25, Voler/Bicycle Center, 2:40, second, Rebecca Jensen, 27, Peterson Racing, 2:52.

Female 35 and over

First, Jenni Gaertner, 37, Team REP, 2:24, second, Molly Martin, 44, Mafia Racing Northwest, 2:50.

Male 19-34

First, Tyson Lashbrook, 33, MAFIA Racing, 1:57, second, Justin Berndt, 31, Mafia Racing NW, 2:04, third, Chris Ellis, 27, Voler Bicycle Center, 2:09.

Male 35 to 44

First, Cameron York, 39, 2 Wheeler, 2:00, second, Parker Lund, 42, Mafia Northwest, 2:01:19, third, Andy Rigel, 37, Mafia Racing NW, 2:01:33.

Male 45 and over

First, Jeff Cummings, 50, Jack's Bicycle Center, 1:57. second, Bob Ludeman, 46, Audi, 2:04, third, Rocky Crocker, 49, Team W.A.R., 2:05.

Male 0-99

First, Solomon Woras, 30, Methow Cycle and Sport, 2:02:13, second, Rainer Leuschke, 41, Blue Rooster/SMC, 2:02:33, third, Doug Graver, 47, Mafia Racing NW, 2:03.

Female 19-34

First, Jessica Culnane, 29, CLIF Bar, 1:46, second, Dana Wolf, 34, no team listed, 1:49, third, Wendy Stredwick, 34, Rep, 1:50.

Female 35 and over

First, Natalie Koncz, 36, Zuster Cycling, 1:37, second, Alison Haug, 42, no team listed, 1:40, third, Sarah Charlesworth-Attie, 35, Peterson, 1:45.

Male 19-34

First, Jeff Koncz, 34,, 1:23, second, Scott Reed, 27, no team listed, 27, 1:24, third, Nigel Davies, 31, EMDE, 1:26.

Male 35-44

First, JD Lopez, 37, The Bike Hub, 1:22, second, Nicholas Brown, 39, Recycled Cycles racing, 1:24, third, Jeb Sorum, 43, Momentum Brewing Co.

Male 45 and over

First, Ken Harmon, 50, Fischer Plumbing, 1:27, second, Chris Wood, 48, Fischer Plumbing, 1:28, third, Jon Magnuson, 51, Chinook Cycling Club.

Male 0-99

First, Troy Hopwood, 42, Epic Racing, 1:42, Derk Thomson, 51, no team listed, 1:43, Matthew Sullivan, 42, Vicious Cycle, 1:45.

Male 55 and over

First, David Bennett, 55, Voler/Bicycles Centres, 1:33, second, Chet Manning, 61, Wenatchee Area Racers, 1:38, third, Steve Tauscheck, 55, Double Check, 1:38.

Male 0-99

First, Peter Emsky, 50, Cocina Fresca, 1:29, second, Eric Armstrong, 43, no team listed, 1:50, third, Casey Cramer, 38, Old Town Bicycle, 1:53.

Male 18 and under

First, Benjamin King, 12, Revel Con/Rad Racing, 1:52.

Female 11 to 14

First, Brooklynn Maedke, 14, Team W.A.R., 1:11.

Female 19 and over

First, Carrie Atwood, 38, Cycling Northwest, 50:26, second, Ellie Coen, 35, no team listed, 55:12, third, Elisa Weinman, 51, no team listed, 1:06.

Male 10 and under

First, Parker King, 8, Revel Con/Rad Racing, 1:31

Male 11 to 14

First, Jack Hale, 12, Daryl Evans Racing, 1:03.

Male 15 to 18

First, Ryan Trimble, 16, no team listed, 49:39.

Male 19 to 34

First, Brandon Inberg, 33, 43:41, second, Hunter Harrop, 19, 52:53, Carson Keeler, 33, 58:33. No teams listed for the riders in this age group.

Male 35 to 44

First, Matt Yawney, 36, no team listed, 47:36, second, Rich Wilson, 44,, 49:12, third, Brian Jacobsen, 37, Vicious Cycle, 49:23.

Male 45 and over

First, Paul Luther, 45, Tongue Racing, 48:43, second, Joe Myers, 56, Team Unicycle, 1:49.

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