Fires, other activities restricted in wildlife areas

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Fish and Wildlife has restricted fires and other activities on Fish and Wildlife managed lands east of the Cascade Mountains.

The new rule prohibits: Fires or campfires, including those in fire rings, although personal camp stoves and lanterns fueled by propane, liquid petroleum, or liquid petroleum gas are allowed.

Smoking, except in an enclosed vehicle is prohibited, along with welding and operating chainsaws and operating a torch with an open flame and all equipment powered by an internal combustion engine.

Operating a motor vehicle away from developed roads is prohibited. Parking is permitted within designated parking areas, including developed campgrounds and trailheads. Also, in areas without vegetation that are within 10 feet of roadways.

Fireworks are prohibited year-round at all 33 wildlife areas and 700-plus water access sites around the state managed by Fish and Wildlife. Throwing a lit cigarette or any other burning material from a motor vehicle on a state highway also is prohibited year-round.

Fish and Wildlife owns and manages over 700,000 acres in eastern Washington. The restrictions in these areas will remain in effect until conditions improve and the risk of wildfires decreases.

Raffle permit hunts

The deadline is July 15 for the raffle permit hunts. This is a form of gambling and Washington gambling regulations prohibit online sales. So, hunters need to go to their favorite licensing vendor, meaning their favorite sporting goods store.

This is an interesting raffle. There are several different categories. They included a chance to hunt for an additional black-tailed, mule and white-tailed deer. Also, one additional moose of either sex, one additional any bull elk and several others.

The season for most species is Sept. 1 through Dec. 31. The price of a ticket for deer, elk, moose and mountain goat is $6 a ticket. Big horn sheep is $11.50 a ticket.

My money goes for a few tickets on the mule deer, eastside elk and the moose raffle.

Outdoor skills workshop offered for women

Fish and Wildlife will offer a workshop featuring the basics of fishing, hunting and other outdoor skills on Sept. 14 through 16 at Camp Waskowitz in North Bend.

Twenty-five certified and experienced volunteer instructors will teach 18 classes throughout the weekend on skills such as archery, basic freshwater fishing, fly-fishing and fly-tying, big-game hunting basics, map and compass, survival, backyard wildlife habitat, Dutch oven cooking, backpacking, duck hunting, wilderness first aid, and more.

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