Dam and reservoir considered in 1941

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E-mail from Cheryl

Facts from the past gleaned from the Moses Lake Herald, Columbia Basin Herald and The Neppel Record by Cheryl (Driggs) Elkins:

From the Moses Lake Herald on July 31, 1941:

It appears a dam and reservoir were considered for construction, as reported in the July 31, 1941 edition of the Moses Lake Herald. Could this be the beginning of OíSullivan Dam and Potholes Reservoir? Read on.

Basin region land withheld

According to a recent announcement by Secretary Ickes, 11,440 acres of public land in the Columbia Basin Project of Washington had been withdrawn from entry, to provide a reservoir area in the event a dam is constructed to recapture return flow of irrigation water.

Construction of such a dam is under consideration, Ickes said. Site of the proposed dam and reservoir is in the vicinity of the sand dunes south of Moses Lake in the potholes are of Grant county, in the Quincy Irrigation District. The withdrawn lands are in townships 17, 18, 19 and 20, ranges 27, 28 and 29.

The potholes area is one of the non-irrigation portions of the Columbia Basin Project which has an irrigable area of 1,200,000 (Dennis note: This figure was not clear, was written as 1,200,00) acres and which some day, Ickes said, would furnish homes and support for 25,000 to 35,000 families on irrigated farms to be reclaimed from the sagebrush desert, and double that number in the cities and town depend on them.

Grand Coulee Dam now is impounding Columbia River water for the project, and the distribution canal system is being located. The land to be irrigated will be brought in gradually at a rate of about 50,000 acres yearly.

Studies made of the most likely types of farming for the Columbia Basin Reclamation Area indicate it is adapted to a wide range of crop and livestock enterprises and that general farming rather than specialized farming is likely to predominate, reports the United Press from Pullman.

The study is being made by the division of farm management and economics and other agencies.

PUD application now in capital

Maps and data in support of approximately 440 miles of distribution lines to be constructed in Grant and Douglas counties are almost complete and ready to submit to the Rural Electrification Administration with a request for a loan in the amount of approximately $450,000 according to Wm. H. Long, manager of the Grant County Public Utility District No. 2.

From the information at hand, it appears that approximately 900 customers will be served from the proposed PUD lines.

Although it is now up to the REA to act on the PUD application for the loan, it is thought that action will be favorable and will not be necessarily delayed.

Moses Lake local news

-Mrs. Bertle Frost and son, Gene Whitehead, who is stationed at Fort Lewis, arrived Tuesday to visit relatives for a few days.

(Dennis note: Wonder if this is the same Eugene Whitehead the VFW was named after?)

-Viola and Christine Evel returned from Hood River, Ore., Monday evening after enjoying a visit with their father, J.J. Erel.

(Dennis note: Not sure which spelling is correct, as both of these spellings appeared in the paper.)

-Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Herman of Yakima arrived here Tuesday to spend a few days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Hull, Mrs. Hermanís parents.

-Mr. and Mrs. Ed Leland and Mr. and Mrs. Erick Peterson motored to Seattle last Friday. The Lelands returned Wednesday and Mr. and Mrs. Peterson are expected home next Friday.

-Ben F. Schmit, local agent for Dodge cars reports the sale last week of a Dodge DeLuxe Coupe to Mrs. Loren Harris of Moses Lake. Mrs. Harris left Saturday for the factory to take delivery. He also sold the first of the week a DeLuxe sedan to Eddie Knechet of Warden.

Suds from Soap Lake

-Mr. and Mrs. William Heard, accompanied by their family and Mr. Heardís parents, visited his brother Tom, at American Lake.

-The misses Roselle and Wilma Thompson, employed at Wenatchee, visited the parental home over the weekend.

-District President Marian Loyear, accompanied by her father, motored to Seattle for the weekend.

-Comrade V.W. Walker, reports excellent perch fishing in Blue Lake.

-Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fitzgerald visited the William French home on Sage Brush Flats last Sunday.

-Commander Woodward, cooperating with the City of Soap Lake, arranged for a place for collecting aluminum for national defense.

-Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Thompson visited with Comrade Elmer Short of Adrian Sunday.

-Hazel Fitzgerald reports the linoleum has arrived and laid by Frank and Harvey, also with the purchase of a kitchen range the VFW Cottage, to accommodate disabled veterans, will soon be ready for occupancy.

-The Rehabilitation Center maintained by the post after a rest of two weeks, is open again on Tuesday from 2 to 4 p.m. weekly under the supervision of Sub State Rehabilitation Chairman Hazel Fitzgerald.

Shragg Notes

Dennis note: The Shragg exit is 10 or so miles outside of Moses Lake when headed toward Ritzville. There is a sign indicating the exit. But the spelling has changed. The 1941 Herald spells it Shragg, but Washington state maps spells it Schrag. What is the answer to this mystery?

-Mr. and Mrs. Don Fox were Spokane visitors the part of the week.

-Mr. Arthur Beaudreau of the Lind School faculty is spending his vacation carpentering on the J.L. Fox and Son Ranch during the busy harvest.

-Having finished harvest in the Othello vicinity J.L. Fox and Son are moving their equipment back to the home ranch where they will combine for sections of wheat.

-Mrs. Gene Hodson of Moses Lake visited Mrs. Don Fox who is suffering from an infected ear.

-Lack of warehouse facilities and a bumper crop of wheat is no little problem to the farmers at Shragg. Bulk wheat is being dumped in a pile alongside of the warehouse. Thousands of bushels of wheat in a mountainous pile extend across the road blocking the farmerís road at Shragg.

From the CBH on Nov. 11, 1975:

Guard schedules visit by recruiter

Dale Harrell, Coast Guard Recruiter from Yakima will be at the Sage & Sands Motel in Moses Lake Thursday.

Thursday he will also be at Quincy, Ephrata and Soap Lake high schools. On Friday, he will be at Moses Lake and Othello high schools.

Permit sale opens

Officials of the Wenatchee National Forest today reminded potential Christmas tree cutters that a limited number of $1 individual permits are being issued by Forest Ranger districts.

Permits, which must be obtained in advance of cutting, entitle the holder to cut one tree on designated National Forest areas.

Individuals who wish to cut trees on private land must, under state law, obtain permission from the landowner and must have a bill of sale with them when transporting such trees.

Christmas tree cutters are reminded that many forest areas are already wet or snowy. Vehicles should have good treaded tires and carry chains, a shovel and a good jack just in case they are needed. Clothing should be suitable to ward off cold and wet weather.

Coin show announced

The Tri-City Coin Club will sponsor its 15 the Atomic Coin Pow Wow at the Red Lion Motor Inn, 2525 N. Chase, in Pasco on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 15 and 16.

There will be exhibits of coins, currency and metals. Dealers from the northwest will operate tables for buying and selling.

Admission is free. Doors will be open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

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