Electoral College versus the majority

I feel compelled to respond to a letter I read in the editorial section of the Dec. 22 Columbia Basin Herald by Thomas Fancher titled: Preserve the Constitution, Electoral College.

I found this letter to be offensive and less than enlightening. Mr. Fancher states that this country cannot be ruled by ignorant mobs living in massive urban areas. There is reference made about ignorant ethnic groups and asking what percentage of people in those cities have a job or support a family. The writer also asks what percentage graduate from high school, trade school or college or have decent jobs. He also wants to know what percentage is happy.

I grew up in Idaho in a town much more rural than Moses Lake. To me this is an urban city. There is a very good case that the ignorant mobs in urban areas could make about who is the ignorant mob and who contributes more to the state of Washington. Eastern Washington benefits from the west side tax base. I realize many people don’t want to believe this.

There is another way of looking at what I believe is an antiquated system called the Electoral College. This country is moving in an ugly direction and we all need to control the way we talk about each other.

Garry Brunton

Moses Lake

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