Greedy CEOs should be held accountable

In 2008 the financial collapse shredded social cohesion: 9 million Americans lost their jobs, 5 million lost their homes and unemployment doubled. Making trillions through fraudulent business on Wall Street mattered more than those who suffered, for not one CEO was charged for this selfish, disloyal act committed against America.

In 2009 Private Bowe Bergdahl deserted his post in Afghanistan. Many Americans, including members of Congress, were rightly outraged at his traitorous, disloyal act against fellow soldiers and America. He tore the fabric of military cohesion. He was prosecuted.

Bergdahl will be punished for his disloyalty and selfishness, but not the CEOs. Their message is this: Greed matters more than America.

Where’s the outrage at these CEOs?

Duane Pitts

Moses Lake

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